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Kicking it at the Archer

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

LongboardSteve is a surfer and wine aficionado. While playing football, he broke his nose badly and has since lost his sense of smell but he still has his eyes and a pretty good taster. Because of his loss of smell, he is all about broader enjoyment of wine that you can read about here.

Great wines need great food and great travel needs great hotels. My latest trip to Napa had me stay at a new favorite, the Archer Hotel, in downtown Napa.

The Archer is a new hotel built on the former site of an old drug store called Merrill's. As I understand it, many of the older buildings were damaged in the 2014 earthquake. The Archer was completed in May 2019. I stayed there in June 2019.

The Archer is a five-story luxury boutique hotel with 183 guest rooms, a Charlie Palmer Steak restaurant and a 360-degree Rooftop bar and restaurant called Sky & Vine.

Since the first thing you normally see inside of a hotel is the lobby, I judge hotels by their lobby more than the rooms. To me, rooms are just someplace to sleep between activities and I don't feel like reviewing mattresses. When you walk into the lobby of the Archer, you feel like you are in someplace special.

There is nothing like a great lobby where you want to leave your hotel room and just lounge all day as you people watch. This place is perfect for that. There is lots of activity in the bar area, the reception area and the seating area. And the people watching is exceptional.

Next to the lobby is a Charlie Palmer Steak House. I did not eat here this trip but having been to the Charlie Palmer in Costa Mesa dozens of times, I know what you get and that is great food. But with so many great places to eat, you have a hard time choosing. I did end up eating at Cole Chop House. You can see that experience here.

But my favorite place was the rooftop deck called Sky & Vine. First, there is nothing better than a rooftop bar. Second, outside of a rooftop bar in a downtown setting, a rooftop bar in a setting like downtown Napa is special.

When I was there it was packed. But kind of like a bar called Cheers, you walk in an you feel like everybody knows your name. My favorite rooftop bar was at the Thompson in Nashville, but this is a close second.

The rooms where very nice. Up there with the best of theme. But the funny thing for me about hotel rooms, I only notice them when they are bad. The room was nice, if not very nice, but I want to talk about something else. I would like to talk about the Art.

The wall art made the stay awesome. I have never walked around a hotel going from floor to floor walking the hallways to look at the art. I did here. With a glass of wine in hand, I spent many hours enjoying the art work. So while the lobby is good, and it is centrally located, and room was nice, I cant wait to go back to see the art. It is a must stay.

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