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Great Photo and Nice Photographer

A key assist from a local wine guru makes for a great day.

I love watching Youtube videos of my favorite wineries. Especially those that I am about to visit. One series of videos that I have been watching were those of Austin Hope in Paso Robles.

if you haven't tried the Austin Hope Cab, you need to. It is in my Top Ten list. To like his Cab you have to like big chewy reds that exploded your senses with flavor - the palate, the tongue, the nose, and the eyes. (Side note: I think that they are best decanted 12- to 24-hours.)

Anyways, after finishing the winery videos I started watching Austin's cooking videos. Here is one of him making duck. They are quite fun, educational, and genuine unlike the over produced formualic stuff you get on the food channel.

A bit later I am visiting the Austin Hope tasting room in Paso Robles with some friends. After finishing the tasting, we were walking, yes walking, to the next winery a short ways down when we decided to stop and get some photos.

A few selfies and a few solo shots later, we were lamenting that we weren't able to get group shot when a beat-up truck comes rolling down the road and comes to a stop near us. The driver said "would you like me to take a photo of you all?" I said "sure" and handed the camera to the stranger.

When the driver got out I thought, wow that looks like Austin Hope. I said, "I am not sure if people tell you that you look like Austin Hope, but you do." He said, "well that's because I am."

Very rarely am I star-stuck but I was. I did everything goofy like crazed blubbering fan including almost tripping him. LOL. Anyways, after a few group photos, I convinced him to take photo with us. You can see the photo above.

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